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resources -noun, pl.  

  1. physical assets that can be used as a means of producing. 
  2. available means within one’s personal capabilities.
  3. a source of supply, support, or aid, that can be drawn upon when needed. 

In order to run your business, perform your daily tasks, and present a professional image to your customers, you must possess certain business resources. This can include your office, your technology and equipment particular to your business. More importantly, you must also count on personal skills, experiences and relationships. It is how you use these personal resources that determines your growth and success. 

Personal relationships and contacts may be the most valuable asset of all, whether with customers or vendors; more than anything else, it's what defines you and sets you apart from your competition. How you manage your relationships and contacts can decide the future of your business. 

Managing Your Technology - Our Mission and Our Philosophy

We believe that a personal relationship with your IT provider is essential to managing your technology. Your provider should work for you, adapting to your style of management and business protocols. At Computer Resources, we strive to provide personal support that is accessible and available. If you are not sure if your IT provider is giving you the personal attention you need and deserve, you should call us. We can help you put things back in the right order.

Managing Your Business Relationships

Computer Resources works with you and your team using ACT! and Quickbooks to organize all the complex details of your customers, prospects and vendors. All of your contacts get the attention they deserve and require, while all team members work together, whether they are on the road, at a customer site, or back in the office. Leads become customers, prospects become clients, and contacts become relationships for life. 

Securing Your Data - A Priceless Business Asset

It may be impossible to put a price tag on your data. It can be extremely costly or impossible to replace. But it is also one of the most avoidable business disasters if you have the right systems working for you. CR-DATA PROTECTION offers you the easy way to ensure that your data is protected, 24/7. 

Let Computer Resources take care of your technology so you can take care of your business.

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